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gen a.i.

exploring new mediums


Mastering the integration and optimization of AI could potentially become a vital avenue for independent filmmakers to generate revenue through streaming. While this might initially appear to compromise artistic integrity, Perhaps AI offers an effective tool to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


#dreamland #NYC3 #PROMPTQUEEN #motionmagic


More Gen2 Explorations: Aliens and Synthwave Vibes! Even melting and distorted alien faces can't stop this journey.

#Synthwave #PROMPTQUEEN #Runway #GEN2


It’s a feeling, you know if you were there.


#global #movement #midjourney

Iconic Jazz Covers

As I delved into the world of jazz album covers, specifically exploring the work of photographer Pete Turner, I embarked on a journey to chronicle Salvador's remarkable path in the 70s. His unique style made its way to the US, securing him a prominent place alongside other jazz giants. My idea was to upload various references into MJ, then use its own prompt to retro feed itself and composite all the final images using Gen1. 

#iconicjazzcovers #midjourney #runwaygen1 #domsalvadorandabolition


I decided to put the 'entity' to the test with nature shots and action sequences.

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