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gen a.i.

exploring new mediums

To Dust, I Guess

Headlights pointed at nowhere

It’s a feeling, If you were there.

When love is everything but attainable.

#global #movement #midjourney


an immersive science fiction project, set in an extraordinary world dominated by an all-female society, shot in the Argentinian 'pampas' and rocky mountains in the south of Brazil. The story unfolds as an unknown entity arrives, plunging them into uncertainty and tension.


Infamous Landscapes & Lavender, the prompt today was inspired by the words of poet Prageeta Sharma.


'So unplanned, so beyond what one did before the lack of dignity sang an opera. And organized all the ideas, before rage shot a bird that had once watched effortlessly all the comings and goings.


#global #movement #midjourney

Iconic Jazz Covers

As I delved into the world of jazz album covers, specifically exploring the work of photographer Pete Turner, I embarked on a journey to chronicle Salvador's remarkable path in the 70s. His unique style made its way to the US, securing him a prominent place alongside other jazz giants. My idea was to upload various references into MJ, then use its own prompt to retro feed itself and composite all the final images using Gen1. 

#iconicjazzcovers #midjourney #runwaygen1 #domsalvadorandabolition

Anger Mgmt

The Last Pie: hyper masculinity, pizza and MJ. What a great mix for a late night IG post! 

#pizza #midjourney #saturday #dccomics

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